Neptune – Sophie Burgess

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This summer I attended EASA Denmark. EASA, the European Architecture Students Assembly, is the largest network of architecture students in Europe and this year the workshops and events accommodated around 600 students from 200 different architecture schools. Every year since 1981 this event has been held in different locations around Europe, incorporating lectures, workshops and networking.

For my time in the town of Fredericia, I attended the workshop called Neptune. This workshop aimed to provide the fishermen in the harbour with a place to prepare and cook the fish they had freshly caught. The diverse fishing community, although at first seeming antisocial, gradually welcomed us and by the end of our time there we exchanged warm goodbyes. As well as building for the fishermen we became part of the community by fishing every day, managing to catch mackerel and garfish.

The workshop culminated in a day of cooking fish and sharing it with other EASA participants and the fishing community.  The structure is left standing and the hope is fishermen will continue to use it to cook their catch. Our workshop developed many of our skills including construction, woodwork, welding, fishing, cooking, talking, laughing and dancing. We hope EASA’s international community has left its mark in the wonderful town of Fredericia and that our work will benefit the local community.