Paris Conference: Turns me into a storyteller – Sarnali Basak

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Every student has gone through the same challenging path during the dissertation period like I did. Lots of reading, attending meetings and discussions, coding and validating the results, and so on. As an informatics student, I needed to gather up-to-date related work which could give me useful hints as to how to model my own research work. I felt lucky, because that time I got the chance to attend the International Conference on Computational Creativity (ICCC), 2016, in Paris for a week, which was solely related to my subject of research. The conference was a full package of workshops, tutorial sessions, and valuable speech of the scholars from different universities all over the world. I was very much interested in joining the event, and taking part in the interactive learning sessions. It was a really practical and competent platform for my research works, and it later helped me a lot in my dissertation. In addition, it was a great experience to get to know such a vibrant city like Paris for the first time.

However, before stepping outside the UK towards France, I had to think about several issues such as my personal safety at the new location, using public transport at night, calculating my budget, avoiding crime situations etc. I managed to take care about all these, and came back with an wonderful experience. Coming from a far away country, I was always curious to know more about the locals and the culture of Paris. I managed to attend several social events such as cocktail parties and the Casparo opera, talk to renowned professors and researchers, as well as to visit the famous City hall, Hotel de Ville by the invitation of the honorable Mayor. Of course, I did not forget to see the majestic night view of the Eiffel tower either. My entire journey was excellent. No doubt, this international experience assisted me to enhance my personal and academic skills, and to make valuable connections around the world.


City hall, Hotel De Ville,Paris, France (Clicked in June, 2016)


Honorable deputy mayor was giving speech, Hotel de Ville, Paris (Clicked in June, 2016)

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