Engineering Workshop in France

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Thanks to Principal Go Abroad Fund, I undertook the Sustainable Building Engineering [SBE] workshop at ESITC Caen, France that is only open to students that have completed three years of higher education. It was a tailored mix of lectures (medium of teaching is English); tutored group sessions and independent group work over a period of 4 weeks from Monday 30th May to Friday 24th June 2016. The choices of lectures were background dependent and delivered from high-level international companies. It comprised of project teams composed of students from several different European civil engineering schools working on a group project that was assessed by three project reviews.

The program is a higher-level course in sustainable engineering that was very relevant to my master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy and the modules that I had already completed such as Sustainable Energy Technologies 4, Sustainable Energy Group Design Project 3, Renewable Energy Principles and Processes 3.

The main objective of undertaking this workshop was to define and organise a building design project. The workshop also concentrated on gathering and analysing relevant information and data, elaborating and evaluating energy and material saving strategies and using state of the art software to do the same.

Furthermore, it also presented and justified choices of concept and design solutions and experimental experience in the research lab. The topics addressed in the workshop range from life-cycle assessment of buildings and building materials to a system engineering approach to building design. It also involved discussions about architectural aspects, energy assessment of buildings and innovative construction materials. As this workshop was a part of the exchange between The University of Edinburgh and ESITC Caen, France, there were no fees payable by the students in order to participate and all students were provided with affordable campus accommodation.


Vertical Concrete Behaviour (Rouen, France)


Ceiling of Vertical Behaviour Building (Rouen, France)


Pervious concrete constructed in the laboratory

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