Public Sculpture Course in New York

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I spent a month studying public sculpture at an Art School in New York City. I had just graduated from studying Architecture at Edinburgh and I was (and still am) interested in moving towards Sculpture. I would like to study a Fine Art Masters in Sculpture in the US. This school was offering a masters module in a field which brings together architecture and art but from an art point of view. It seemed perfect for what I wanted to do. What I was mostly worried about was: was the course too good to be true? I was going all the way to america completely on my own, paying for rent and food, doing something completely new and committing the time to it. I had done all the research I could but there is always a limit to this and in the end I could never know exactly what it was going to be like. As I was packing and getting ready to go, I was getting doubts as to whether or not it was going to be worth it.

The first week was difficult, the weather was something I had to get used to, we were working mostly outside in 30 degree heat all day, every day. And the course itself was totally new territory for me. I had been trained as an architect for the past 4 years and I was having to put all that training on the back burner to adopt a whole new way of thinking. I was often told that I was responding as a “classic architect”. I was struggling to find the delicate balance between using my background as an advantage but also making sure it didn’t dominate and I was taking into account the new points of view.

As the weeks went by, I became more and more comfortable and understood how I could contribute to the class with my background. My teachers were very interesting and the classes became discussions of the boundaries between art and architecture. We had guest speakers come in from different backgrounds to give us lectures and critiques. The teachers often took us out for lunch or field trips to further discuss our work and its place in the wider context. They took us to museums and advised us on exhibitions which was relevant to our work. The course really opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and creative processes. My teachers helped me get in touch with other artists also working within the field. One of my teachers even wanted to use my sculpture in an exhibition she was curating.

The class, no longer became a class, but rather an opening to other opportunities. It was a great post graduation kickstarter for me. And really showed me how I can utilise my degree with what my pursued interest. It was a very positive experience and really boosted my confidence with what I wanted to do next.






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