Tianjin University Exchange, with a short trip through China

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I travelled from the South of China (Hong Kong) to the North of China (The Great Wall) with a few stops along the way. One of the scariest aspects about travelling through China was the widely published huge difference in culture. Thankfully I began my journey in Hong Kong, an ex-British colony, so the culture shock was buffered for the first few days. After this I traveled to Guilin and Hangzhou, two renowned scenic spots and areas where foreign tourists are rare. Here you could experience real Chinese culture and daily life. The next two cities I visited were Shanghai and Beijing (including the great wall), the ultimate magnitude of which cannot be described. Finally, I spent three weeks at the esteemed Tianjin University learning Chinese language while working in their pharmaceutical lab. The following photo-blog outlines my travels:


The Beginning, Hong Kong. Due to the size of the Hong Kong region, space is sparce, and you notice every metre of ground is well used.


A night time view from the Peak, Hong Kong.


Ten Thousand Buddha’s Golden Temple. Hong Kong.


The Two Pagodas, Guilin.


View from the highest peak in Guilin.


The West Lake, Hangzhou


LongJin Tea Village, Hangzhou LongJin green tea is famous throughout China, and the world, for its exceptional taste. The tea fields can be seen growing across the hills.


Yuyuan Gardens, Shanghai


The first, third and ninth tallest buildings in China disappearing into the clouds, Shanghai.


View from the Bund, Shanghai


The Great Wall of China celebrating exam results with a beer on top of the wall


The Forbidden City from above, Beijing


Meeting our student buddies from Tianjin University


The last Banquet at Tianjin University with my lab group and group professor Kenneth Woycechowsky.

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