Metaphysical Joy Thanks to the XI Platonicum Symposium in Brazil

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I have never been to South America before but I probably desire for a trip like this a decade
ago. Most importantly, at this time I am more than merely a tourist. I was selected to give a presentation on the XI Platonicum Symposium in Brasilia, Brazil. It is such an important
event that is held every three year considering the fact that my main research is currently
focusing on Plato. It attracts Platonic scholars globally to share their latest works on
interpreting one chosen dialogue of Plato. What is more, it gathers the members of
International Platonic Society for discussing key issues on developing the organization and
facilitates the communication with the top university of Brazil: the University of Brasilia.
This year we are all presenting about the dialogue Phaedo. It is very inspiring that different scholars are trying to discuss Phaedo from diverse perspectives. However, it has met my expectation that the most popular topic is regarding the arguments on immortality of soul, especially the final argument on immortal soul.

In spite of my previous travelling experiences worldwide, I was admittedly worried about
going to the unknown world of Brazil all by myself. Fortunately during the undergradute I
happened to know a Chinese professor who used to teach at the University of Brasilia. He
depicted all his exotic life there with a great sense of humour by publishing a series of
essays. I was not sure whether it could be a relief to know pre departure that a sociological
scholar used to call Brazil a tropical China.

For a whole week I discussed over and over on immortal soul with scholars and students
with all kinds of backgrounds. I shall call it a metaphysical joy. More surprisingly, I joined
a special group of Platonic scholars who are fond of observing birds and stars in Brazil. We
went out for observations during the early morning and the end of the day. In between the
observations we meditate about immortal soul on the conference. Almost every day we have several big sessions and a great many parallel sessions. After the core sessions the
University of Brasilia and the Embassy of Greece invited the participants to enjoy diverse
2 cultural events. I kept in mind that I am a representative from the University of Edinburgh. I was delighted to have met with many established scholars of Europe again in Brazil. I have also encountered those excellent scholars from Asia. The Asian group offered me warm welcomes not only during the sessions but also help me to quickly get familiar with the large community of the International Platonic Society. It is a travelling experience full of joy.





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