Law Conference in Montreal

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Over the summer I spent some time in Canada. During my time there I attended a two-day conference in Montreal. This was organised by the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology. I decided to attend a conference while I was away because I wanted to do something related to my law studies during the summer months, and I thought that attending a conference abroad would give me a different perspective and dynamic than I had never experienced before.

The conference was on Commercial, Media and Public Law, with public law being my main point of interest. After having studied Constitutional Law during my third year I wanted to carry this on, so researched for law conferences in general in the Canadian cities I was planning to visit, but also law conferences in the specific areas of law I am interested in.
Before I left I was apprehensive about travelling alone as a female, but I didn’t have too many worries about the conference itself because I knew it would be interesting.

When I arrived at the conference I discovered, unbeknownst to me beforehand, that it was not only a conference on Commercial, Media and Public Law, but was a mixed conference. There were multiple disciplines there giving talks on various subjects, and this was not something I was anticipating because there had been no information given by the organisation that indicated it was not a single subject conference. Some of the advertised papers on the law conference homepage were not given, and I did not find some of the papers given on other topics to be very interesting.

This experience has taught me to enquire in future as to whether a conference is a mixed discipline conference, or only on a single subject – just because it was advertised as a Law conference didn’t mean it was only a Law conference! Overall I had an extremely enjoyable experience and would definitely attend further conferences in future.



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