Conference in Crete

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I went to Chania, Crete Greece for a 5-day conference, which was about plant cell wall science research. I am studying plant cell wall biochemistry, which is a small field as my PhD project, so that conference was obviously very important to me.

Before my departure, I was worried about fees there, but the Principle Go Abroad Fund kindly provided me £350. Also, I was worried about security, culture, weather, my physical health and police there, again, the Principle Go Abroad Fund reminded me to search for related information. University also kindly provided me a travelling insurance for free.

From that conference, my horizon has been broadened, and communication skills had been improved from introducing my project to people with different background. I also experienced a different culture (e.g. greeting way, music and cuisine), different climate and beautiful landscape.

The Principle Go Abroad Fund is very worth to be applied, and I will definitely apply for it again if I got to go to another conference.

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