Inspiration and Friendship in Russian Forest

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This summer, I was a volunteer at the Green Street Camp in Russia.


Winnie at the Red Square, Moscow


Allie Belle & Winnie

I choose to volunteer in Russia because I’ve always been interested in Russian culture and literature. More importantly, two of my best friends Belle and Allie who major in Russian language are going as well. I take this as a great opportunity to grow our friendship tighter.




My biggest concern before departure was the language and cultural barrier. Since I don’t speak any Russian and English is not by native language, it was really a huge challenge for me to communicate with kids in Russian, whose English are not very good.


Allie Winnie & Belle at the Red Square

I learned many things during my one month stay in Russian.

It was absolutely one of my most happy month in life. We were running in the morning, dancing and doing hand craft in the afternoon, performing in the evening in the tranquil and beautiful forest in Russia.


At the camp

I was inspired by nature, the beautiful trees in the forest.

I was inspired by my friends. We went through emergent situations which tested our friendship and nourished our mutual trust and love. We argued, laughed together and cried together.


I was inspired by kids. Purity, bravery and creativity of Russian kids are one of many things that we could learn from them. They really inspired me to find the peace of my heart. The most important thing I learned from them is to face the world bravely and kindly!


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