Learning Italian, Rome – Monika

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Few years ago I had the opportunity to take an outside course as part of my university degree. I chose Italian because I have always wanted to learn this beautiful language and I was fascinated by the Italian culture. After a year of classes with a wonderful teacher, to my delight, I was able to hold a simple conversation in Italian.

Then, however, came two years where my schedule was full and I could not find time to continue my learning. Finally, this summer, I was given the opportunity to revise what I have learned, learn more and practice Italian once again. For the few months before my trip I studied my textbooks once again to have a good grasp on the grammar and vocabulary and get the most out of my summer. Then august came and I left to Rome to do a short course at a school of Italian language.

In Rome, I was accommodated in a beautiful house with other students of Italian. My housemates were from different countries, which made it a necessity for me to use Italian while talking to them. Similarity, to get around Rome I had to communicate with the Italian population. I was surprised that I could respond when the older ladies would strike a conversation with me on the bus. Therefore, even before my classes begun I was able to practice my understanding and speaking in Italian.

The classes themselves helped me tremendously with my understanding of grammatical concepts, vocabulary and the ability to speak coherently. On the first day, I was given a new textbook with wonderful summaries of all the concepts that I used to find difficult. I also found out that the classes were carried out entirely in Italian and largely focused on speaking and conversation practice. This initially frightened me as I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to understand the teacher, particularly when she was explaining the grammar or the meaning of words. However, during the first class I found, to my surprise, I was able to understand her just fine and it only got easier with every next class. I feel that within a week I have learned far more than during a few months of solitary practice that proceeded my arrival in Rome.

I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to do this short course. I feel that now I once again have a good understanding of grammar and I am comfortable speaking in Italian. I hope that I can continue my learning in the upcoming academic year.





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