Budapest as you’ve not seen it, by Tamás Turdean

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I would like to start by introducing myself: my name is Tamás and I’m a 3rd year Interior Design student at the University of Edinburgh. I decided to take part in an internship in Budapest this summer, at a design company called S39 – Hybrid Design Manufacture. My reasons for doing so is that I wanted to experience how is it to actually work on projects in the real world, wanted to try out the things I’ve already learnt at university, and wanted to experience living in this city that I’ve visited a couple of times, but never seen it’s true colours. Luckily, this fund has enabled me to do so.

I remember, before going I was worried about the new environment, not knowing many people in the city, but mostly about starting my first job-like ‘thing’ within my chosen field. I am a kind of person who gets very nervous before starting something new. I moved to Edinburgh from Transylvania without ever flying before, nor travelling so far and living alone. Having already experienced first and second year, this step wasn’t that big for me, however it undoubtedly involved some challenges.

First week was, as one would expect, very strange in terms of getting used to both the work and the urban environment. Larger city, more people and of course, a much faster pace than what I was used to at university. But, even though the amount of information that I was exposed to gave me a headache in the first week, it was extremely beneficial. I have not only gained an insight into how a design firm works, but also how the construction industry works. I learnt new approaches to design, managed to collaborate with people from different, yet related fields (which wasn’t all new to me since we had collaborative projects at university). I worked within the architecture department, and since it was a rather small firm, many tasks were handed over to me from the beginning. This is how I learnt about the financial aspects of projects, quantity surveying, the utter importance of networking and the difficult and stressful aspects of construction and manufacture – aspects that you cannot fully understand at university.

Opportunities like this are very important for a career, but learning new skills are not the only beneficial aspects of it. You get to experience a different city, a different culture and you get to have fun in the meanwhile. (Do I have to mention Budapest’s famous night life?) I can only recommend getting out of your comfort zone and trying out how is it to actually Go Abroad. Even for a little while.

Even though the introduction might have ended up being a bit longer than intended, this was intended as a photoblog. Don’t forget to take a camera with you wherever you intend to go!


UoE Abroad


Dohány Street Synagogue – Budapest is famous for its Jewish culture




Hotel Astoria


a random concrete Christmas tree I found on a visit to a concrete factory


The studio of S39, with me working – image courtesy of Milán Rácmolnár

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