Prague Summer School

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I was fortunate to receive funding from the Principles Go Abroad Fund to attend a week long summer school on Sustainability and Profitability in Prague, Czech Republic.

The summer school was run by an educational NGO which offered several different programmes from Behavioural Economics to Law and Sustainability. The diverse range of programmes attracted people from many countries, cultures and backgrounds.

The flight to Prague felt like the journey to University before fresher’s week, I was excited yet a little nervous at the same time; was I going to get on with my roommate? Will I enjoy the course? What will the people on my course be like? These worries quickly proved unfounded as everyone was in a similar situation, everyone I met were friendly and easy to get along with.

It was an amazing week which I am so grateful for having been given the opportunity to do. I learned so much in such a short period of time, made some great friends and networked with a diverse range of people. There were students like myself and others who had already left university and   working in their chosen field. This allowed me to gain important industry contacts.

Many of those on my course were older than me and had been working in the environmental sector for a number of years and this provided me with insight into where I may end up after my degree. I also believe that some of the advice and discussions I had will help me when entering the job market.

The summer school was taught by a number of well-known international professors, masters students and business leaders who were all very passionate about their topics. Some of the lectures included:

  • Why do companies care about sustainability? Business losses and benefits, Dr Ausra Reinap
  • Eco-tourism: a human gorilla dichotomy, Lisa Trogisch PhD student
  • Global environmental challenges, Professor Pavel Novacek
  • And many more

I learned so much during my time in Prague, the summer school tackled sustainability from a business perspective which my degree hasn’t really covered to date. I also learned about a number of different cultures not only the Czech culture but also the culture of my fellow students.

It was a full on week with lectures from 9:30-17/18:00 almost every day with sightseeing and tourist activities organised at night. By the end of the week I was exhausted but I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. I can’t express how wonderful of an opportunity this was and I’d encourage everyone to do a trip abroad even if it is just a short one like mine because you do a lot in a week and it’s an experience that I for one will never forget.

I would recommend this summer school to anyone, it’s an amazing opportunity to learn interesting and new topics, meet some wonderful people all while experiencing the beautiful Prague city and Czech culture.


Group picture at Prague castle


Lecture by Jirka Pánek


Me at Summer School Entrance


Me and some girls from my course at Kutná Hora, a Unesco world heritage site

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