Huduma Ya Kwanza Katika Tanzania

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Roughly translated as “First Aid in Tanzania” I thought I would take this opportunity to show of my very limited swahili skills. I was making progress – but sadly I had to leave after my 7 week stay. On arrival to Moshi – our centre for all things first aid we were greeted with the magnificent sight of Kilimanjaro!

Our Inductions began on the roof of the building this photo was taken on, where I got to meet my expedition partner and good friend Pedro. Really can’t express just how grateful I am that he was my partner.

After our induction we were sent off to placement to begin teaching in schools, community centres and vocational centres. We were placed in Uchira secondary school about an hour outside Moshi – where we stayed in the provided accommodation for teachers.

The accommodation was simple and functional: no flushing toilets, 1 light, 1 power outlet… Sorted. There was no kitchen so we took to the task like Bear Grylls himself. Toasting over fires, buying our own chickens – alive of course… You know what happened to this chickens but I’ll save you from those images. Have toast instead.


So we set off to life here for the next 4 weeks and began teaching the 400 students at the school class by class. Everyday we would work for 4 hours and that’s not including the amount of preparation required. Hope we all know our DRSABC!!

For 4 weeks we stayed with the teachers (most of whom were our age) and just got so immersed in the lifestyle. The guys we stayed with helped make the experience what it was so I’ll give them a cheeky wee photo.

At the weekends we were free to do as we pleased. The whole group usually meets up in Moshi with some sort of plan for the weekend! No weekend was greater than our trip to the N’gorogoro crater.

I could give you a lesson on what it is but I only have so many words here but the whole experience left me speechless!


The safari weekend was an incredible experience – I would highly recommend it to anyone, animal lover or not.
Around the third week of placement we started getting a regular wake-up call from our newest friend Elson. He would chap our window for hours. He was sassy – look at that pose!


Time went so quickly in Uchira and at week 4 it was time to leave. The students whom we taught were examined and those who passed received first aid qualifications. The “graduation” ceremony was one of the most difficult experiences of my life. I can’t do it justice here but I made some serious friends there and leaving them was painful – even if I am smiling in these photos.



In the words of the living legend. UCHIRAAA!!?


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