New York Artist Collective 2015

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I spent 10 days in New York working with friends and fellow artists who I had met the year before whilst on a semester abroad at SUNY Purchase NY. We’d talked then about starting an international collective of artists, as we had members from Korea, England, France, Germany, China, Holland and the US in our group of artists, and while we were all together we worked on many collaborative exhibitions and artworks. We never thought we could actually do it, but we did! Going back to New York was like a dream, and I never could have done it without the Principles Go Abroad Fund.

During our time together (as well as a lot of catching up!) we visited and researched local collectives as far as some in Wassaic running music and art events upstate and collectives making books and zines in Brooklyn. We even found a possible space that once we raise enough funds and we have graduated (one year left!) we should be able to move into. Our research taught us that we have to do EVERYTHING collectively. We are non-hierarchical so we vote on everything, we had several meetings to decide on our future and our vision for what we want to achieve. We worked tirelessly on our internet community and we initiated projects that are going to help crowd fund for artists in other countries to come and visit and make work in New York.

We have international exhibitions and collaborations in the works and there wasn’t a moment of boredom in our 10 days together!

I’ve made a very short video in an attempt to capture some of our time together.

Hope you enjoy…

(Note, the video is meant to be viewed on a smart phone – which is why it’s created in portrait)


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