European Architecture Students Assembly – Valletta 2015

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For three weeks in August 2015, I attended the European Architecture Students Assembly (EASA) in Valletta, the tiny fortress capital of Malta. EASA is an annual gathering of around 500 architecture students from around Europe and beyond, involving workshops, lectures, and social events, and fostering links between young people from a variety of academic and social backgrounds, .


Il-Foss, the Great Ditch of Valletta – the site of EASA 2015 and main entrance to the historic city


EASA Hostel – our luxurious accommodation for three weeks

The unique streets of Valletta

The unique – and hilly – streets of Valletta

Renzo Piano's recently completed Parliament of Malta

RPBW’s recently completed Parliament of Malta, part of the City Gate development


Open air lecture given by City Gate project architect, Antonio Belvedere of RPBW


The Barrakka Lift, an example of contemporary intervention in the historic fabric


Construction workshops progressing on the EASA campus


I took part in a drawing workshop, shown here mapping our first impressions of the city


Visiting the beach in Sliema to sketch the view back towards Valletta


Discussing our drawings – and how we each saw the city differently


Our final output was an exhibition of drawings, alongside a publication – An Unexpected Atlas of Valletta – which collated our drawings and impressions


As well as enjoying/suffering from temperatures in the high thirties for much of EASA, we also learned of the limitations of our outdoor accommodation – shown here, emptied of beds and drying out after an intense thunderstorm


Team Scotland claimed a spot in the sun to dry out our beds and bags

DSC_0250 (2)

The Amsterdam Expressionism pavilion – the product of one of many construction workshops. Here participants explored the relationship between traditional Maltese limestone construction and Dutch brickwork


Overall, EASA was a fantastic experience and a unique opportunity to meet, work, and socialise with my fellow architecture students from across Europe and further afield

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