Asante sana, Tanzania!

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The infatuation of football // where playing all day, everyday still isn’t enough.

New play-thing // when I seemed to be the only one to notice this girl and her dead chicken.

Tanzanian pride // Leycho; the adorable girl who never left my side.

Grazing on squalor // the epitomy of environmental ignorance.

Surrogate sisters

Surrogate Sisters // saying goodbye to the wonderful Sisters of St Mary’s Spiritual Centre.


Abdul // the boy fascinated by hands.

His school // a young boy from the Temeke district, filled with pride to show us around HIS school.

Black and White, no PC // 2. Shaibu is white. 3. Lucian is black.

Msimamo Youth Educators // KICKING AIDS OUT!

Behind those orphic eyes // how can anyone be scared of such an enticing creature?


Language (some) barrier // Sean, the Canadian Geography teacher, playing ‘the cobra game’ with the children – no Swahili needed.

Scottish pride // the great work that Edinburgh Global Partnerships does, remembered in one powerful pennon.

Lushoto bound // seeing the greenery Tanzania has to offer, for the first time, was a special moment for us all.


Sass // globalization ain’t all bad.


Devoted drummer // in this moment, nothing else mattered; just a man and his drums.

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